Step 1 Preparation

•    Remove nail polish
•    You & your client wash hands
•    Apply Hand Disinfectant on both you and your
clients hands
•    Shape the free edge with the Seduction Crystal
•    Use the Magnetic Platinum Buffer File to give
the nail a beautiful shine & also seal the nail
*   Remove dust particles with the Silky Smooth
Nail Brush

Step 2 Cuticle Care & Soaking

•    Add 1 Seduction Bath Bomb to warm water in a
manicure bowl
*   Apply Seduction Nourishing Cuticle Oil and
massage into the cuticles

•    Soak the hands for 3-5 minutes
•    Take the first hand out, pat dry..
•    Push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher
•    Wrap hand in towel, repeat above steps on
other hand

Step 3 Exfoliation

•    Apply Seduction Luxurious Hand Scrub to the
hand and arm up to the elbow and massage
•    Massage in between the fingers by clasping the
fingers and move back & forth
•    Remove the excess with hot compress towels
•    Wrap the hand in a towel to keep warm, repeat
on the other hand

Step 4 Massage

•    Apply Rich Handcream & Mask and spread it
over the hand and arm up to the elbow
•    Massage arm and hand
•    Place the hand into a plastic packet and
Seduction Mitten
•    Repeat on the other arm and hand
•    Leave for 10-15 minutes
•    Remove Mittens, do not remove the residue but
massage this into the skin

Step 5 Protection

•    Degrease the nail using Magnetic Non Acetone
Remover on a nail wipe
•    Apply NXT Base Coat
•    Apply 2 coats of the chosen NXT Nailpolish
colour or French Manicure
•    Apply one coat of NXT Top Coat, Alternatively 1
coat of NXT Top Coat is applied after the NXT
base coat

Step 6 

*    Apply Seduction Hand Lotion to hands and arm if